Welcome to El Tabaldi Co. Ltd.

El Tabaldi Co. Ltd. a Sudan based company has been catering to the needs of the trading market for over 17 years. Making a modest beginning in 1992 under the Company Act 1925 the company has expanded its trading activities in various fields and commodities. We are known for our quality, attention to detail and customer service. The Company prides itself in fair and transparent business practices.


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House No.7, Block No. G.9,
Gamhuriya Street,
Opposite Catholic Chruch,
Khartoum Suddan,
Tel: (183) 742454 / 782889
Fax: 00249-183-771682
Email: eltabaldi@gmail.com


Contact Us

Tel : 183-742454/782889
FAX : 00249-183-771682
Email : eltabaldi@gmail.com