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El Tabaldi Co. Ltd. a Sudan based company has been catering to the needs of the trading market for over 17 years. Making a modest beginning in 1992 under the Company Act 1925 the company has expanded its trading activities in various fields and commodities. We are known for our quality, attention to detail and customer service. The Company prides itself in fair and transparent business practices.




Today's competitive landscape makes lift truck performance and uptime more important than ever. El Tabaldi's system for forklift parts and service management ensures the lowest cost per hour and utmost benefit to your business. Every dealership in our network has been hand-picked for its services, skill and dedication to customer service.




We have sole distribution rights of TCM and Konecranes (SMV) forklifts in Sudan


The range of forklift from 1.5 TonĀ  60 Tons are as follows

  • Industrial Forklift Trucks
  • Standard I.C. forklift trucks
  • Heavy-duty I.C. forklift trucks
  • Special purpose Heavy-duty I.C. forklift trucks
  • Environment Friendly TCM Electric forklift trucks
  • Forklifts and SMV Konecranes container Handlers for use at ports & terminals
  • Flexible sawmill fork lifts
  • Pulp & Paper handling fork lifts
  • Steel fork lifts to handle heavy slabs, blooms, coils, tubes etc
  • Efficient and environment friendly Industrial fork lifts for Marinas, stone quarries and other industrial heavy loads.


The range of Generators powered 10kva to 2200kva, provide one of the most comprehensive ranges of diesel generator sets.
The generating sets are a accomplishment of continuing research and development by our specialist engineers.


1) Heavy duty world class brand original UK Perkins generating diesel engine: 400 series; 1000 series; 1100 series; 1300 series; 2300 series; 2500 series; 2800 series; 4000 series

a) the Perkins engine features compact structure, large power output and easy maintenance.
b) Economic and easy start in cold weather

c) Low emission



El Tabaldi provides tyres

A) Solid PressĀ  On :


Reliable and economical, the resilient press-on solid tyres have the optimum quality of tread compound for extended tyre life and increased efficiency.


Hi-lug Tread:

Dynamically balanced Hi-lug Tread enhances its durability to perform under the most difficult conditions and makes it resistant to chipping and chunking.


Hub type:

Press-On tyres are also available in hub type for easier assembly directly on to the wheel axle.


Effective Bonding:

The best cushion adhesive with the latest bonding agent is used to ensure zero chance of failure.

B) Special Application Tyres:


Oil Resistant Tyres

For Refineries using fatty acids and petrochemicals.


Heat Resistant Tyres

For the use in close proximity to high temperature furnaces In Foundries or Steel plants.


Abrasion Resistant Tyres

For construction sites and shipyards with uneven or rough surfaces.

Sterling Tread Pattern

Enables easy steering and leaves no tyre marks during acceleration. Gives uniform wear and tear enhancing tyre life. Assures lesser rolling resistance and low heat generation.



Resilient centre rubber compund ensures tough yet flexible cushioning effect.



Being reinforced with hi-tensile steel base ensures secure fitment and improves wheel protection





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